All about Eyebrows Microblading

Having worked in the beauty sector for many years it seemed natural to progress into a business which sells the best products to salons and beauty therapists.

It would have been difficult to do on my own though so I felt it was important to get the help of a distinguished and proven internet marketing expert.

If I can provide all the industry knowledge in choosing he best products and in fact products which I would use in my own salon then I can be confident in knowing we are providing the best beauty products for a wide variety of treatments.

With the latest treatments being non-surgical this gives us a great opportunity to enhance and improve the well being, confidence and the look of my clients. I wouldn’t be happy to use just any product which is why I sell the products I use in my own salon.

The website was created as I have been asked many times about where I get my products from and when I do my microblading training the most popular question is where do I get my pigment. Well you can now buy the same Microblading Pigment that I use.

I hope you find what you want on the website as we add more products to our existing range. If there is anything you want but can’t find it please ask me.

Thank You